Virus and Spyware Protection Services
Have you ever encountered a computer virus or been attacked by spyware? These computer pests can come out of nowhere to spoil your computer's functionality and sometimes, kill it completely. Who is at risk? Every computer with internet connectivity is at risk of getting infected. The good news is you can take measures against them with the help of an effective anti-virus support program. But you need to know what you are doing; setting up your computers with protection can be a confusing process. Proper implementation of an anti-virus and spyware detection process is critical. Despite our best efforts, computers are under attack by new viruses, spyware, malware and adware like never before. It's like the problem just continues to get worse. These computer destroyers can cause major data loss in a short amount of time, affecting the productivity and efficiency of your entire company. Your employees have disabled computer systems and you experience unneeded downtime. Coretronix can assist you in implementing a pre-emptive solution, setting up the right virus protection and spyware protection software so you can get back to business.
Viruses Malware, Worms, Trojans and Spyware can:
  • Steal your personal information, data and identification
  • Pass your personal and financial information on to one or thousands of people
  • Cause data loss, data corruption, and data theft
  • Access and take control of your computer for illegal activities
  • Rack and send your surfing and computer habits to a third person or party
  • Allow the use of your computer for illegal computer and networking activities
  • Steal your personal or business financial information
  • Cause lock-ups, hang-ups and poor performance
  • Damage to your file system, boot records, and drive partitions
Causing networking issues, bringing a network or server to a grinding halt Of course, they can also cost you, your business or the company you work for hundreds to millions of dollars. Their disastrous effects can cause system, workstations and server down times as well as can loss of productivity. How do they work exactly? These virus and other programs can hide dormant until triggered by any combination of events, or for a designated time, they may disguise themselves as other programs or processes, while doing possible damage to your data, or stealing your information, such as financial, company, or personal data. Who is at risk? Anyone that opens an email or email attachment from someone they don't know that has already been infected. Anyone that goes to a P2P program does instant messaging or visits a chat room. The bottom line is that there are many ways your computer may become infected with some type of Virus, Trojan or Malware. It's best to be prepared and use preventive maintenance.