Help Desk Call Center Consulting and Outsourcing
In this day and age, contacting a help desk can be frustrating at best. We have all the experience of being on hold for 30 minutes only to be transferred to an off-shore call center representative that isn't empowered or trained to address your issue. This is definitely not what you want for your business. If your customers are having problems with your products or services, they need help now. Their issues need to disappear. If they don't, you could risk having them ask for a refund or for some other type of compensation. Worse yet, they could defect to a competitor. If it's handled in house, you may be understaffed. If it's outsourced, you may be treated like a number. In most IT environments, only a small percentage of Help Desk service requests are resolved on the first call. Consequently, consumers rarely have a positive image of Help Desks.
Coretronix Technologies worldwide online remote support organization is modeled on our proven concept of the Help Desk as a solutions-driven team of service professionals who combine the expertise and efficiency of certified engineers with the visibility and tracking advantages of traditional Help Desks. This is the difference. Whether your business needs immediate, one-time access to urgent online support, a dependable ongoing outsourced Help Desk service provider, a transparent extension of your in-house Help Desk, or consulting expertise for creating or improving your own Help Desk.