Offering Hard Drive Destruction & Shredding Services for Companies Everywhere
It's an unfortunate reality in the corporate world - you need to protect sensitive business information. Competition is tough and in a tight economy, some companies will do anything to gain an advantage. The amount of data that businesses keep on computer hard drives nowadays has never before happened. When a hard drive has reached its end-of-life, it's important to destroy the data that was on it. This is the only way to ensure that confidential and highly sensitive emails, invoices, budgetary numbers and internal documents aren't accessed by outside individuals. This is a complex process however. It's not enough to simply erase information from a drive and expect that the data cannot be accessed. Whether the files have been erased on a drive or the drive is formatted, they can still be accessed by an individual skilled in information retrieval. The only way to ensure that information cannot be retrieved is to use a hard drive destruction service like Coretronix. We have helped many companies that were at risk in this area.
The Leader in Secure Data Erasure/Destruction Services
Coretronix Technologies Inc. hard drive destruction and mobile hard drive shredding services ensures that your hard drives are properly destroyed before being discarded. How does it work? Our hard drive destruction professionals will come to your business to pick up your end-of-life hard drives. If you don't want your hard drives leaving your facility, you can go with our mobile hard drive shredding service. We also provide a detailed certificate of destruction showing the date and the time of hard drive pickup. We understand that your business is committed to environmental stewardship. That's why we make sure that each shredded hard drive is sent to metal and electronics recyclers for further processing. We send electronic waste only to recycling partners who are certified to comply with federal and state electronic waste regulations, and only after your hard drives have been property destroyed.